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Change your Microbiome, Change Yourself

Growing research supports into the Human Microbiome shows that trillions of tiny bugs that live in our gut hold the keys to novel new treatments ranging from obesity and Chron’s disease to allergies and asthma. Gut Therapy believes in a nutritional model that delves deeply into this ecology, supporting health from the inside out.





HAPPY-GUT - Human Microbiome

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Gut Therapy Blog

  • Hippocrates Soup

    Hippocrates Soup

    At the moment there is a huge focus on broths as the number one gut healing remedy, and though I would not disagree, in our enthusiasms we might forget the more gentle vegetable based alternatives. This…

  • Is Diet the most powerful tool in shifting our Microbiota?

    Is Diet the most powerful tool in shifting our Microbiota?

    The initial triumphs of faecal transplants and microbiota-based therapies have invigorated the field of microbiota research as scientists and clinicians come to grips with the power that poo, or more precisely…

  • Gut Repair after Worming

    Gut Repair after Worming

    Now this is a hot topic in my clinic, amongst parents with young children.
    It happens very gradually but then all of sudden we begin to notice a change in our kids temperament, irritability ramps up, night…

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